Case Studies

The helping bit...

High Street DIY Retailer

The internal marketing team was struggling to get anything out of their IT systems including campaigns, reporting and ad-hoc analysis. We undertook a capability assessment to help them understand what they wanted to do and couldn't, what they could do as a short term fix and what they couldn't do without investment. We then went out into the marketplace to review the tools that did meet their needs and pockets! Our review formed the basis of the Direct Marketing IT roadmap for the next 3 years.

Online Fashion Retailer

This retailer wanted to start focusing on the customer more but didn't know what data they had, where it was stored, if it was any good and how they could use it. We undertook a complete audit and were able to speak with the IT teams, quickly get access to the data and make recommendations as to how it could all be brought together, stored efficiently and used on an on-going basis. The audit informed the building of a new CRM database and environment.

High Street Retailer

The marketing team were frustrated that their internal insight function didn't seem to deliver the things they wanted or needed. They didn't know if their expectations were too high or if they were just asking in the wrong way. We reviewed the structure of the team, the skill sets involved and how it worked with the business. We then implemented some restructuring, retraining and a new insight management and briefing process. The marketing team is now delighted at the quality and timeliness of the insight that is being delivering.

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